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    Ride Scoozy

    Hi Harry!  Regarding insurance there are a few options...


    1) If a rider is injured from a fall your health insurance will cover your treatment.

    2) If you are in an accident with an automobile, your health insurance will cover you but it does get more complicated.  Some states are no-fault, some are not, your insurance may not cover the complete bill and it may not be your fault.  The best advice I have ever received is to increase your UM/UIM automotive insurance to the absolute maximum as this will cover you in case you are hit by someone who does not have insurance or minimal coverage.  It has been a few years since I have read up on this so things might have changed but I would definitely look into it.

    3) Regarding theft, you can check your homeowners, renters, and automotive insurance policies.  Usually one of these will cover theft or you can add it to the policy.  

    4) Use insurance (similar to car insurance) is only required in Europe as of now.  A bicycle with a 750W or less motor is regulated the same as a bicycle and no license/registration/insurance is needed from a federal level. Individual states can always create their own laws so it is important to look up the regulations in your area if you are concerned. 

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    H Dablett

    Thanks for the info - very helpful.

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